The ideal outfit based on the classic Vietnamese ‘Do bo’. Printed cotton sets with clean cuts and functional Scandinavian design. Wear as a complete set or separate, combined with jeans or a t-shirt respectively.  Each product has its own personality so you can find the one that matches yours! The 4 designs are set but the fabric is limited edition and changes. We select seasonal patterns for just a few pieces at a time, that way you can get your favorite design in different patterns. Sizing is standard European as per below in centimeters:


• Small – bust 92, hip 97, and inseam (the length from crotch to bottom of leg) 72.5
• Medium – bust 97, hip 102, and inseam 74.5
• Large –  bust 104, hip 105.5, and inseam 76.5




Barbro is the kind of girl that grows on you. Like a gift you unwrap, a pleasant surprise. She sort of sneaks up from behind and suddenly you’re smitten with that sensibility. The 60s style paired with the structured fabric and modern cut… Barbro is someone you can count on. That person you’d call in the middle of the night when you have locked yourself out of your house. But she also has serious depth. A true academic; if you’re stuck with a tricky question chances are Barbro has the answer for you.





Delicate and fair, that is Iris in a nutshell. The pattern is so detailed and interesting it’s hard not to stare at her. Iris has an immense presence, when she walks into a room people instantly quiet down. She also has a calming effect on anyone and although soft-spoken, she has the ability to make people suck at every word that comes out of her mouth. With a beauty out of this world, Iris fascinates and inspires artists and writers; a true muse. Somehow it’s like you don’t really know if she is real or just a dream.





Selma is a real free-spirit! Selma is daring, adventurous and she is never scared of anything or anyone. Selma is the friend we all need in our corner, someone who is not afraid to speak up and who won’t back down. Selma favors action and she fights for what she believes in. It wouldn’t surprise us if in a few years’ time Selma ends up a politician. But Selma still loves a good time, she is the center of attention at the party and her thin cotton and daring cleavage is perfect for dancing.




Now Vera is not like everyone else that’s for sure! She is tough to the core. Vera is classy, she recognizes her own value and she will never settle for less, ever. Vera possesses the kind of timeless elegance that say someone like Kate Moss would have, but still manages to come off as edgy. Vera has that Scandinavian coolness about her and kind of towers over you in her stilettos. Wrapping that red quilted jacket around her waist, Vera knows that she is destined for great things.



Recommended price in store per product:


Barbro top 30 USD

Barbro trousers 37 USD

Iris top 37 USD

Iris trousers 33 USD

Selma top 33 USD

Selma trousers 33 USD

Vera jacket 58 USD

Vera shorts 49 USD