Our Process


Inspiration and sketching

The team gathers inspiration and prepares sketches showing the design. We then start looking at cotton based textiles, getting samples and testing out. Proceeding to select the final fabric. We always purchase from independent Vietnamese vendors.





Paper pattern

In the workshop in Ho Chi Minh City we draw and cut paper patterns based on the European sizes Small, Medium and Large for the particular Jamas design. We have made A LOT of tweaks here and there but we now believe to have the most functional lenghts, details and asymmetry.





Fabric cutting

Now it’s time to cut the fabric based on our paper patterns. We cut by hand with scissors. We are always two people at the cutting table to ensure we don’t overlook anything.






After which the next step is sewing, using three different kinds of machines depending on the seam. The seamstress and Astrid ensure consistency for all the seams. We only work with strong polyester thread. Jamas uses the signature 'Do bo' design of seams on the outside of the neck hole, arm hole, top, pocket and trouser hem.






Almost done! We just have to check how it looks on a model. In the workshop the team tests the Jamas on mannequins and a fitting model is brought in on occasion. Every Jamas is quality controlled before it is packed.