Jamas Story

Story-ovalAstrid Kjellgren got the idea for Jamas when she moved to Vietnam in August 2013. She noticed how elderly women and street vendors were wearing matching shirts and pants in colorful patterns. The ‘Do bo’ is Vietnamese typical attire for everyday life in the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City and can be used to express your personality.


Working for a big company, Astrid was motivated by Vietnamese entrepreneurship and decided to start her own business. She got working on a stylish and comfortable product inspired by the ‘Do bo’. Using selected quality fabrics and producing locally; Jamas wants to further the Vietnamese textile tradition and make a slice of Vietnam’s culture available to modern women.










The Jamas woman combines Asian and European ideals. A serene yet driven woman, the Jamas woman is liberated and determined to follow her own path in life. Vietnamese women have a history of being strong, fighting wars and running their own businesses. Just like you, they are independent and in control of their lives.











Jamas is you